Over the years, organizations have gained a complex network of legacy applications. And sometimes, these applications are legacy and co-exist with differently developed applications using more latest technologies.

Running such a setup finds a significant drain on resources. These resources could be made available for more critical needs, achieve greater efficiencies or derive more value from existing applications by consolidating applications on fewer platforms using technologies that are more in step with business requirements. It can all be possible by lowering the cost of application ownership.

Kuchoriya Reengineering or Migration service offering helps an organization to consolidate on fewer platforms or integrate applications more effectively. It involves migrations through platforms, databases or operating systems. We can re-engineer your applications in response to changes in regulations on other factors too.

Kuchoriya has experience with various tools to support specific reengineering activities and we have a tool-based approach to reengineering or migration projects. With a well-defined methodology, we integrate the use of tools to automate reengineering tasks like transformation or testing leads for a fast delivery schedule or higher accuracy.

Our professionals instantly have excellent knowledge of multiple technologies or skills to deploy on cross-platform reengineering or migration projects.

How do we help


  • Firstly, we develop a well-thought plan involving end software behavior or functionality requirements.
  • Reengineering legacy platforms by way of developing new, improved applications to serve to expand the business model.
  • Create Enterprise level integration by using SOA or Web Services
  • To meet rapid changes in business processes, we quickly deploy and develop an application


“Our team at Kuchoriya Softwares uses its expertise in efficient refactoring and platform migration services, through optimum utilization of pre-existing infrastructure and resources and produce agile, scalable and efficient business solutions for client’s business.”

Strategy and goals for re-engineering & migration

In-depth study of architecture
in existence

Zero close to minimum

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With a proven track record of completing high-quality projects under expert supervision and within your budget, we have connected numerous organizations with outstanding software developers for custom development, We have an expansive reach and serve multiple domains joining hands with one of top custom software development companies to hire software developers for different industry verticals

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