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Want to discover art related to Gloopy? The Gloopy is a simple puzzle game with different gameplay. It keeps you reserved for your phone for hours because each level you play will become more challenging and astonishing than the previous one.

We designed each character in the game depending on their perception or behavior and their role in the game. Some are created to be cute and funny and some are even made angry. Get inspired by our community of talented artists.

Discover all kinds of cute and loving small jellies you will solve for your entertaining and addicting puzzles. Collect coins in the game and unlock the next level by solving every puzzle Gloopies throw at you.

Features of Gloopies:

 --> Solve out 40 levels of the game with new levels added all the time.

 --> Collect coins in large amounts to get more levels.

 --> Fun gameplay mechanics

 --> It is the best game for children and families as they can help their children solve puzzles.

Are you looking for a landslide game online? Landslide Ninja is a fast-phase mountain climbing adventure gained by Eternal Studio. Enjoy this game it will develop your sharpness, focus and strategy or climb the mountains endlessly. The project takes a very different cartoon style using various color schemes or thick outlines.
The game's leading character is a fun Marshmallow and each zone of the game is designed with an environment quite different from others. Due to the feature that the game is vertical, I made sure that gradients must be smooth or easy on the eye. To establish a compatible world, I instructed my team to design a block for each area that perfectly fit the environment. My group enjoyed a lot at the time of dressing up as ninjas with unique customs and accessories.

A UK-based private hosting company demands me to design emote stickers for their stickers. Their requirement is an adorable boy with blonde hair and they don't want it to be so cute. But the output must border outline between corporate or cartoonish.
I produced seven distinct emotions to comply with their instructions. I used minimal colors with simple expressions and seven basic emotions inspired me to bring different emote stickers.
After minor revisions, the outcome I produced is quite good. And I feel glad that I incorporated cute, corporate, or cartoonish emote stickers.

A game developer asked me to design a mascot for his game, i.e., Rocket Panda. He renders all the game's details and information to make it easy for me.
The designed panda matched the proportions of likes you find on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, or Kung Fu Panda. I primarily created this game for kids, so he wants me to design panda in good physical shape to leave out the best results to them.
And I formed my best expression among them by coming out with the best final output. Countless kids liked this game and became happy and inspired by the production. And this makes me feel motivated and inspired.

TKS-Gameware approaches me to design characters for his upcoming game. Remarkably, the client demands a character design of the game's antagonist as advertising artwork.

He asked me for two characters:

The offense frog defense frog

He told me not to develop a cute character.

He wants the frog to be designed to look fantastic and intimidating. I created the frog with the appearance of a heavy gunner with a gatling gun on his back. Embellish with protective gear, the defense frog shield on the one hand with a weapon in the other.
I came out clean with my client's requirement as I brought his idea to life and I took the best role in achieving that and he loved the final output.



Our Process

We will develop the game for you, which you will love. We have a team of proficient developers who enjoy building mobile game apps and we deliver multiple exciting games to them using various resources like streaming games, HD games, AV/VR games and many more. Children and people are more attracted to the world of fantasy, so they love playing games, which is why we come up with original ideas for games. We give exciting games to both Android and iOS users. We create fun by providing distinct levels or building different games using elegant graphics or quality sound games, which adds more curiosity to players. Now get mobile game apps from us and misplace an imaginary world.

Technologies We work with

As the digital flow is growing currently worldwide, you need to hire some partners good with the latest technologies.

  • IOS-Technology
  • Android-Technology
  • Flutter-Technology
  • Ionic-Technology
  • React-Native-Technology
    React Native
  • Xamarin-Technology
  • Titanium-Technology
  • Swift-Technology
  • ObjectiveC-Technology
  • Kotlin-Technology
  • Angular-Js-Technology
    Angular Js
  • React-Js-Technology
    React Js
  • Type-Script-Technology
    Type Script
  • Vue-Technology
  • HTML-Technology
  • Mongo-db-Technology
    Mongo db
  • MySQL-Technology
  • Firebase-Technology
  • AWS-Dynamodb-Technology
    AWS Dynamodb
  • Realm-Technology
  • Oracle-Technology
  • Postgresql-Technology
  • Redis-Technology
  • Drupal-Technology
  • Joomla-Technology
  • Wordpress-Technology
  • Magento-Technology
  • Shopify-Technology
  • PHP-Technology
  • Java-Technology
  • asp.Net-Technology
  • Node-Js-Technology
    Node Js
  • Rails-Technology
  • Python-Technology
  • AWS-Technology
    AWS Cloud
  • Google-Cloud-Technology
    Google Cloud
  • Gradle-Technology
  • Jenkins-Technology
  • Appium-Technology
  • Selenium-Technology

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