CTO Advisory Services to Help You Reach Your Business Goals

As an experienced technology consulting company, we provide executive-level technology expertise and on-demand full-time resources for a wide range of technologies, through our Virtual CTO Services for established organizations and CTO as a service for startups.

CTO consulting is a unique offering where our experienced technology expert, specifically chosen for your business needs, works with you to ease and support IT initiatives, outline tech strategies and manage technology infrastructure, tools, and teams. Under CTO as a service, the technology expert works with you as a consulting CTO as per your time zone, preferred communication channels and in your office on-demand.

With our Virtual CTO services, you can access our specialized technology resource pool to support your projects on-demand basis. CTO as a service incurs no long-term contracts or hiring and infrastructure costs and allows complete ownership of code and intellectual rights.

Kuchoriya’s Virtual CTO services have enabled businesses around the globe to solve their toughest technology problems, covering strategy and execution cost-effectively.

Virtual CTO Services

Our Virtual CTO Offerings

CTO consulting eases the complexities of technology adoption and sets you for long-term business success. For startups, specifically, we provide hand-picked executive-level professionals under virtual CTO as a service – optimizing tech growth curve and scaling up.

Technology Leadership

CTO advisory services for Technology Consulting, Strategy, and Governancealigned with your business goals. Develop, monitor, recommend IT budget allocation and frame KPIs to assess technological performance and ROI.

IT Project Delivery Management

Deploy, manage, and lead any kind of technology project through CTO advisory services that facilitate project development, implementation, and integration along with access to an on-demand resource pool.

Neutral Software Analysis

Requirement analysis, proposal evaluation, contract negotiation strategies and selection of the best-fit tools to establish a future-ready IT ecosystem with special kick-off plans under CTO as a service for startups.

Technology Integration

CTO advisory services for integrating technology into the company’s IT framework, projects and processes for a zero-downtime, seamless information flow and anytime, anywhere access.

Technology Analysis

CTO consulting enables deep IT audit for devising technology roadmap while CTO advisory services provide IT assessment, evaluation and technology selection to reduce software bloat, gain resiliency and mitigate risks.

Solution Determination

CTO as a service for startups, small, mid-size, and large businesses helps them choose a cost-effective solution by taking into account the latest technology, standards and compliance regulations.

Technology Roadmap

CTO advisory services to plan, maintain, optimize and track deployments, timelines and project lifecycles. Defining KPIs and performance checks for the technology set up for maximizing ROI.

Cloud Strategy

CTO as a service to formulate strategies for Cloud Selection and Migration to optimize crucial business processes. Rapid and minimal risk adoption blueprint for single or multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.

Business Continuity

CTO consulting for disaster recovery and security planning for business-critical data. CTO as a service for startups and small, mid or large firms to frame BCP and contingency plans.

How Damco’s Virtual CTO Services Benefit Your Business?


Optimize your IT expenses by saving on relocation, travel and other costs associated with hiring a full-time technology executive.

High Availability

Access custom bespoke IT solutions and advisory when and where you need them. Virtual CTOs are available per your time zone and preferred communication channels.


Leverage the technical prowess and creativity of our experts to craft strategies that ease your digital transformation initiatives.

Industry Expertise

Bolster your knowledge of business IT and industry best practices by collaborating with experts that are well-versed with your industry challenges.

Businesses We Transform With CTO Consulting

Ideation & concept validation

Generating and communicating ideas and concepts that create more value for end users.

Knowledge management

Ensure that the entire project knowledge is properly cultivated, organised and made available for our clients.


Identify and report opportunities to reuse components within the projects and across the entire project's roadmap.

Project ownership

Leadership assistance, driving projects forward and professional team management to enable clients to focus on the big picture.

Project risk management

identify potential challenges and possible solutions and communicate them with decision makers.

Technology selection

Selection of proper technologies and third-party solutions to achieve optimal results.

End user analysis

Understand end-user needs and translate them into technical requirements.

Software Product/SaaS

Get best-of-the-breed strategy, business and technology consulting by leveraging our expertise in solving business problems using digital technologies.


Take a technology leap to transform your insurance business by leaning on our strong domain knowledge and hands-on technical capabilities.

Financial Services

Improve business agility, asset management and operational efficiency with exclusive guidance on IT applications, security, support services, and Fintech.


Stay on track with next-generation digital nonprofit solutions and tools to keep pace with an evolving marketplace.


Improve field operations and decision-making by implementing solutions that automate Order Management, Supply Chain, Warranty Management and more.

Project CTOaaS engagement

Bronze package


Wondering between technologies or need immediate consultancy for a time-sensitive case? Our industry-experienced consultants can provide help with a one-off consultancy at any time!
Regardless of whether it is idea validation or about overcoming
small technical challenges.

Silver package

1 day per week

This part-time model is suitable for smaller projects and companies. The focus is on a specific project or technology area and on creating a plan on how to improve the development, meet deadlines, eliminate technical bottlenecks

Gold package

3 days per week

This model on a part-time basis is suitable for projects with a larger scope, such as design of architectures, implementation of
new technologies and solutions, development of sprints, and coordination between projects and teams. Ensuring faster
development and TTM

Platinum package


The full-time Tech Lead is entirely dedicated to your company and projects. As part of your team, he manages technical teams and processes, ensures smooth end-to-end implementation of technical innovation as well as constant digital progress.


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