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This one is basically a Restaurant review app, where you can like and dislike dishes same as tinder swipe left/right feature. After that the app will show the Curated Restauranoots list base on your liked dishes. It will also allow users to give review and rating after visiting the restaurant. Also you can add restaurants as favorite, mark visiting if you are about to visit the restaurant.

Discover the problem : through researching competitors to determine strengths and weaknesses, gathering information.

Define the Problem : Filter through the idea, a clear goal and what problem needs to be solved.

Develop solutions : Solution are created, design started, prototyped, tested and iterated.

Deliver the App : a considered design solution is tested and presented.


  • Register/Login
  • Login in the same app with a different role.
  • Add city, location, and new location.
  • Save User Information.
  • See Match Restuarent.
  • Get Favorites Dishes From Your Restaurant.
  • Easy You can get Restaurant near your address.


These apps are useful in enhancing client satisfaction. Restaurant mobile apps help in sales expansion and lessening hold up time. One of the primary features of such apps is the capability for booking. There are a few mobile applications that interface clients with the nearest eateries. They give every single imperative detail for booking tables. Such an element can considerably help to lessen hold up time at eateries.


UI/UX Design - Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Abode Illustrator

Frontend Development - React native

Backend Development - Nodejs

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