What are the key features of healthcare web applications?

The Purpose of Healthcare App Development

Healthcare is going through a transformation, making it more accessible and engaging, resulting in people becoming less afraid and stressed from doctors’ appointments and improving doctor-patient relations. Wellness, medical, and healthcare applications are designed to digitalize health-related processes for clinicians, patients, and the general public. Using applications can significantly optimize the workflow in hospitals and clinics, helping to take the edge off physicians and letting them refocus on patients’ treatments instead of paperwork. By introducing the electronic health record, online appointment scheduling, and virtual patient portals to the mobile device, developers make healthcare more efficient for both sides.

Before we dive into revealing how to develop a healthcare app, let’s learn about the industry of healthcare app development. 

Outlook of the Healthcare Market

Healthcare is one of the fast-growing industries for tech start-up developers. However, despite the market size and high competitiveness, the investors support the industry, making the prospective for innovations. 
Here are the numbers that show the increasing demand for healthcare software application development worldwide:

  • 80% of people are openly sharing medical information online.
  • 63% of web users choose their healthcare provider based on their online presence. 
  • 60% of respondents have chosen one provider over another based on a positive online reputation.
  • 20% of EU citizens use the Internet to schedule doctor appointments.

The digital transformation of healthcare systems is a positive trend rapidly spreading across numerous healthcare organizations, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. The global aim is to:

  • Provide remote 24/7 access to healthcare services
  • Streamline repetitive processes
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Improve doctor-patient interaction
  • Track and monitor health conditions better
  • Minimize medical mistakes
  • Make patient care delivery accessible to everyone

However, incorporating technology into complex healthcare systems can be a real challenge for companies investing in web-based healthcare solutions. So, the Northell team will navigate you through all the main intricacies of healthcare web app development so you can be well-prepared to get started.

This article will highlight key features and functionality, tech stack options, regulatory compliances, and other vital things to consider before the development begins. As a bonus from our team, we’ll discuss how to hire a professional healthcare development team to get a rewarding experience and successful release.

Up to nowadays, digital healthcare has specific categories such as:

  • Mobile health (mHealth) apps
  • Electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Wearable devices
  • Telehealth
  • Telemedicine
  • Personalized medicine

These rapidly evolving areas of digital healthcare industry are shaping and increasing the market size. Together with the latest innovative tech trends, there is great potential for healthcare investors to achieve progress in any prospective field.

Two types of Healthcare of Web Application Development

The wellness&healthcare software solutions can target medical professionals, patients, or the general public. The type of application will define what kind of business model you should use to monetize the product, do you need market-driven or professional-based design, and more. Let’s learn more about the major types of healthcare web application development:

-Apps for Patiens

Tech developers help general users and patients keep their health in check, track, control, and measure health conditions and symptoms to raise awareness, and improve people’s wellness. Android, IOS, and web apps for patients feature: 

-Professional Apps for Medical Facilities

Unlike apps for patients, platforms to serve healthcare providers come in simple design, yet their main goal is to optimize the workflow of independent specialists or medical facilities.

Benefits of Healthcare App Development for Business

Digital transformation assures that healthcare and medical software benefits physicians and patients. Even though healthcare mobile application development is highly time- and cost-consuming, the benefits are worth all the resources: 

  • Improved doctor-patient communication
  • High-quality care
  • Better medical facilities service and equipment management
  • Doctors’ rapid decision-making
  • Accessible medical and healthcare data
  • Helps with accurate diagnosis
  • On-demand healthcare
  • Cost reduction on healthcare provision
  • Prevents burnout among professionals
  • Remote virtual medical assistance
  • Secure payments

Healthcare businesses can only benefit from letting go of traditional ways and adopting progressive and innovative E-health solutions to boost customer service and physician productivity.

Healthcare Web Application Development: Conclusion

Creating web-based healthcare solutions requires knowledge, relevant experience, and strict adherence to critical technical requirements, as such solutions deal with sensitive health data and help to solve life-matter questions. That’s why, during healthcare web development, we focus on cybersecurity, accessibility, reliable data storage and exchange, and compliance with local healthcare industry regulations.

Having expertise in healthcare, we build solutions that address critical modern aspects of the healthcare industry. We ensure the best time optimization and results-based implementation for small, mid-sized, and corporate-level healthcare projects. If you have a healthcare system or process that you’d like to modernize through a web-based solution, the Kuchoriya development team is ready to consult you and develop the best web solution to meet your core needs.

Written byAlex Martin
Updated On:06-Feb-2023

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Thank you, Kuchoriya TechSoft, for "The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Hotel Management Software (HMS) Development Company." This comprehensive guide is an exceptional resource that will greatly assist us in planning and developing our own HMS. Your expertise and insights are truly appreciated and will be invaluable in our journey.

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