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Have you ever heard the saying, “There is an app for that”? It’s true, though.  As per the reports, it has been said that the Google play store powers approximately 3.5 million mobile apps worldwide as of the second quarter of 2022. While the Apple App Store is close behind with 2.2 million mobile apps.

It's not amazed to see every single digital firm investing in the formation of mobile apps. However, the most frequent query that arises while discussing investment in mobile app development is How much does it cost to hire mobile app developers?

You’ve got a great concept to develop a mobile application and are prepared to execute it, but unsure about the cost that actually needs to create an application. While creating an app development budget, developers must take into account a variety of aspects. Including investment and human resources.


Firstly, why should hire a mobile app developer?

An app developer works with other developers and designers to conceptualise the app, create the code, and test it to make sure it works properly. They are also responsible for developing, producing, and managing mobile applications. Hiring a trustworthy company ensure that app includes all the latest functions and features within the necessary timelines. Also, company offers approach to latest technologies and industry competence.

Some Benefits of hiring a talented app developer:

  • Make and test your code.
  • Work together with a group of programmers and designers.
  • Make efficient, user-friendly software.
  • Take care of the commercial aspects of developing apps, including marketing and distribution.


Developer of mobile applications produce software programs for wireless and mobile device. The most frequent operating system that mobile apps are produced are for either iOS or Android. Now a days, most of the people use internet through mobile device only. A smartly designed mobile app can boost visibility, sales, brand awareness, productivity, and many more. To survive in this competitive marketplace, businesses need mobile phone or website. In India, mobile app development has been increasing, so there are numerous companies to pick from. Some of the top mobile app development companies are Infosys, Kelton, Qburst, eFlair, Valuelabs, and many more.

Now, let’s take an overview of cost required to hire an app developer. While starting the application development, you need to understand the needs of project and how long it will take to complete the entire procedure. In India, developer’s rate varies between $25 to $50(hourly).  However, it’s a tentative cost as while developing app we need check so many other variables which affect the cost of developing a mobile app. Some of the factors are complexity of the app, the development process, its features and functionalities, and more.

Once you get familiar with these elements, you can apply the common calculation method to determine how much it will cost to construct an app. The calculation or answer to how much does it cost to produce an app consists in figuring out how many hours each step of the development process would take and multiplying that number by the billable hours of resources.

As mentioned above about some factors, here we will discuss the same in brief that how mobile app cost depends on a number of important aspects. By deeper knowledge, you may make the most cost-effective selections and get the better return on your growth by being aware of these cost-effecting elements. Additionally, it will assist you in sticking to your spending plan.


Factors that affect the price of developing mobile applications:

Complexity of Mobile Apps

A simple app typically costs around $5000 to $50000 to develop. This app has a few standard user features including a login system, dashboard, user profile feature and restricted administration.

A medium complexity app costs around $50000 to $1,20,000. An abundance of options for user interaction and app monetization are included in app medium- complex app. It also includes social media combination, payment gateways, user privacy and audio/video streaming, etc.

A complex app costs around $200000 and above. Most recent technology like AI is included in these apps and have a capability such as multi language support, advanced data logic and many other things.

  1. Animation and App Design

App design is the next element that goes into the cost of making an app calculation. It is important to play close attention towards design if you want consumers to spend time using your app. Custom and Standard UI are the two options while designing the app. However, customized UI costs more than the standard UI to create and build.

  1. Platform

It’s important to select platform before beginning the process of developing a mobile application. You can choose among Android, iOS, cross-platform or web application as per your targeted audience. Firstly, it is preferable to choose one platform with small budget and afterwards switch to multiple platforms.

  1. Maintenance of an app

Undoubtedly, expenses do not come to an end after the last step of developing mobile app. To be in limelight with market trends and OS versions and new devices, businesses will have to continuously need to update their apps, which has a cost.

  1. Reuse of Code

It is one of the elements which lower down the price of developing mobile applications. The cost of applications drastically reduced when company decide to include the code of an existing app into their own while only changing the branding components.

  1. Location and Size of the development team

Cost of mobile application development depends upon the team you choose for the development of app. There are several options available, including a skilled app development business, internal development team, independent developer, and local team.

However, when it comes to create high end applications with top notch features and functions, a skilled mobile app development company may do wonders for your business app.


Above we have discussed about the factors that how much does it costs to build a mobile app. However, there are some hidden factors also that affects mobile app development. Knowing these factors helps in reducing the risk and also saves time and money.

  1. Guaranteed Quality

As per the scale of your app you need to hire a quality assurance agent or project manager. However, you can also need business analysts to keep your development under budget.

  1. Cost of Infrastructure

Data storage, app hosting and data delivery are the expenses that comes under Infrastructure cost. All these contributes for the complexity and cost of the project. Servers, development tools, libraries are the infrastructure cost items.

  1. Cost for IT support

To make a high-quality app, you require continuous IT and technical support. Android and iOS updates, API maintenance, and bug fixing are some of the IT support services. However, cost of IT services may increase over time.

  1. Security of Application

For any app, security is a major concern as user needs to trust their application. That why you must have proper security plan in position. However, you need to do security check at first go for the betterment of an app otherwise in future the cost will be higher and that may lead towards the financial loss.

  1. Cost for app publication

While developing apps, developer keeps in mind about the requirement of app store. When we discuss about the app store costs, its not significant. One time cost at mobile store is around $25.


Also, here are some factors where you can reduce the development cost of your mobile app.

By following few tricks and industry practices, entrepreneurs can reduce the cost. At first, they should prioritize the features so that developer can work accordingly. It’s a smart move by any business owner to startup there app quickly with minimal features at first. Second most important factor is to involve quality assurance. At first, application is inclined with bugs and errors and it needs to be addressed to the earliest. QA professionals will identify the bugs and problems in the beginning before the development of application. By doing this, huge amount will be saved.

Business owner need to develop their mobile app as per the customer feedback. However, they need to plan for a future as app they built today might need updates in future. Outsourcing can also help in reducing the cost as your will get the already established team for the project. It helps in cut down the equipment cost and office expenses.

Last and the important factor is to choose cross-platform development. As many of the entrepreneur is in doubt weather to launch it for iOS, Android or both platforms. To launch app for only one platform is not a good idea as you may lose the large base on the other platform.

Cross-platform development is the best solution as it will work upon both platforms.


Therefore, to build an innovative and cost-effective application with updated features and functions above are the factors to keep in mind to develop a mobile application. However, cost estimation is a major part to hire a developer and to build an app.

Written byAlex Martin
Updated On:06-Jul-2023

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