The GreenFreshFood mobile app is to help friends, family, and couples to use when they’re going out and can’t decide on where to eat or where to go. The app will function like Tinder, swiping left/right, the left swipe means NO and the right swipe means YES. Similarly, in the app clicking on heat means Yes, the restaurant is liked and clicking on thumbs down means No, the restaurant is disliked. The app will be matching on places instead of people, using user’s location to identify establishments within a certain radius of them and their choice of cuisine. The user will able to access the app features as an individual user or will able to invite friends and access features as group.

Cruise Control

With Cruise control, the car maintains a speed that you select automatically, without you having to continuously press the pedal. During the cruise control, if you accelerate the car manually, it returns to the original cruising speed after you release the accelerator pedal.

NexCruise ensures perfectly constant speed while cruising, so that the energy consumption is the lowest and perfectly predictable.

Cruise Resume

Cruise resume feature automatically takes the car to the last-used cruising speed, without you having to manually drive the car back to the needed speed.

Adjustment of cruising speed

While cruising, you can adjust and fine-tune your cruising speed using the dial. In real-world, this translates to unparalleled convenience, and you will find yourself driving the car effortlessly using only the dial!

Eco and Deep Eco modes

Get perfect control of your car's energy consumption with the Eco and deep-eco modes, and get unparalleled range-assurance for those long trips on uncharted roads. Or quite simply enjoy upto 10% saving per charge, get a better life of your car's battery, and see the NexCruise pay for itself in no time!

Aha NexCruise. The universally loved cruise control and range-maximizer system for your EV!

The Aha! NexCruise

The Aha NexCruise brings cruise control functionality for your TATA Nexon EV and the TATA Tigor EV.

And its much more than that. It is a comprehensive EV Energy management system, which brings a host of features to bring full power at your fingertips. Read on to know how it transforms your EV ownership experience!

The Aha! NexCruise

Whatever be your current questions about EV ownership, NexCruise addresses it elegantly! Want Cruise Control? No problem! Want to get rid of range anxiety? No problem! Want to achieve 300+ kms range in a single charge, without the hassles? No problem! Switching from ICE to EV? NexCruise is here to hand-hold your transition!


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