What are some of the key features of AngularJS that make it a popular choice for business web development?

The software industry is getting updated daily and one of the latest technology to use in your development activity is AngularJS. As you could see that for most of the businesses, it is recommended to have a mobile and web application. Since we have been working with web development companies and providing services to the customers, we participate in Request for Proposals/Information gathering and further steps. Before explaining the technology, I would like to mention the importance of requirement scope clarity. I always prefer to have a talk with most of the customers to educate them the importance of definite scope and how technology catalyse the business.

As such, for all kinds of web application needs, AngularJS has been considered perfect with each size of organization but there has always been a question on it being suitable for large enterprises, since enterprise web applications involve multiple pages, need swifter loading with lots of data being involved and need high amount of security. But, AngularJS has successfully been able to achieve each of these requirements through its beneficial features for large sized enterprises.

Once the scope is fixed, then the next step is choosing the right technology, which is becoming a milestone in current market and deciding factor for success of business. Looking for a long run of business and considering that mobile app is also needed now or in later stage, AngularJS would be the great option for you. AngularJS development is best for Mobile as well as Web application so that you can reach to the same company for the entire development. The good part is, you are sure to get the best frontend for your mobile or web app with lesser coding efforts and better efficiency without any time delays. Whether it is web or mobile application, AngularJS development is the best tool as far as the frontend development needs more attractive and improved user experience.

As you might be aware that, AngularJS is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks that have gained dramatic popularity in very short time. It is the easiest and simplified testing process for the better experience of developers which is maintained by Google. Similar to most of other frameworks, it is also built on the MVC architecture. It follows the basic HTML and offers the developers capabilities to make the website responsive and dynamic. Since it can synchronize automatically with model and views, AngularJS development becomes so easy for web developers to use.

AngularJS development offers features such as – Two way data binding, dependency injections, MVC architecture, directives and testing features and it follows Document Object Model (DOM) methodology which focuses mainly on improving testability and performance.

- Why prefer AngularJS development for your Mobile and Web application

Making development easier – Using the Node.js at the backend, simplifies the JQuery calls and ease designers to test more designs and select the best one without any dependency. They are able to check the code at the same time and assure that you get the exact design what you expected.

Simple architecture – AngularJS development is considered as the simpler design architecture which is used now a days and easy to catch up for any developers and enhance the features to any extend which client requires. It works extremely well when it comes to managing the heavy web applications that contain number of components and complex requirements.

Lesser timeline – AngularJS is a latest technology which is derived from HTML and hence developers won’t require much time to code the entire application. Creating new web apps with AngularJS is so easy and too quick with less effort. One can easily getting started with it. With a few attributes added to the HTML code, a simple app can be built extremely fast.

Lesser code and increased development efficiency – Lesser coding only required and hence developers can focus more on the efficiency of the application instead of writing just codes. Once the feature has caught is developer’s mind, it is easier to put code lines and give better results for your business.

Two Way Data Binding – Two way data binding handles the synchronization between the DOM and the model in both ways, which avoid writing of considerable amount of boilerplate code.

Easy Plug & Play components – If you want to use the existing component in a new web application, then you just require to copy and paste that same code into a new one. Your job is done. This works perfect.

Opensource community – Since the entire framework is maintained by Google and Opensource platform, it constantly growing community of highly talented professionals and coders who are able to assist the team at any point.Having mentioned major benefits of AngularJS development, it makes sense to use the latest technology for your business which make application development easier and productive with lesser timeline. The process of design and development has to be streamlined and planned to make the business a great success. It is well known that no business can turn out well without well planning and strategies. The most effective strategy is outlining the concept in the right manner and executing it with the right technology and marketing. Just contact the team who does AngularJS development and go for valuable output by developing mobile and web applications within your budget and lesser development period with assure quality.

- 5 Prime Reasons Why Enterprises Look for Angular Development Services, For Web Apps

Though there are many more reasons why AngularJS development companies are garnering a lot of profitability and increased business revenue, here are the 5 major reasons to it

  • AngularJS Offers Enhanced Security to Web Applications

One of the major points of concern for enterprises is security – of its data, applications, technology all put together. The Angular technology uses a HTTPS interface to talk with its servers. Hence, to ensure that there is complete security, all you need to do is abide by the security measures that are already being followed.

  • AngularJS Facilitates Making the Most of Existing Data

This wonderful framework lets you use your existing data management system to its optimum and uses RESTful APIs to do so. Server-side security can also be utilized with ease and speed. This improves the website performance to a large extent offering a great deal of performance boost along with enhanced security.

  • Enterprise Web Apps Built with AngularJS Are Highly Sustainable

One of the major advantages of AngularJS is it is supportable when it comes to implementing web applications for enterprises. Maintaining the web application becomes an easy work for developers. It supports the object-oriented designing model for the client side that encourages easy maintenance for web apps.

  • Testing AngularJS Web Applications Is an Easy Task

Dependency injection, being the essential of AngularJS, makes it simple for the enterprise web applications to get tested with comprehensive coverage and possible combinations. For any web app to function smoothly, regular testing is a must and at such time, ease and simplicity of testing is a great advantage.

  • Web Developers Can Garner Expertise in AngularJS Easily

Being very similar to other JavaScript frameworks, learning and gaining expertise over AngularJS is an easy task for developers. It fastens the entire process of web application development along with stringent reduction in expenses and time. Developing in this framework is similar to other frameworks like jQuery, jQuery UI, Backbone.js.

AngularJS is an HTML and TypeScript-based platform and framework for creating single-page client applications. You can use TypeScript to write and create AngularJS dev tools. As a set of TypeScript libraries that you load into your apps, it offers core and configurable functionality. AngularJS framework helps in building dynamic web applications. It allows you to utilize HTML as the template language. Moreover, it also enhances HTML’s syntax to represent the components of your application clearly and succinctly. The AngularJS framework is a  front-end application that is open-source. It is entirely reliant on JavaScript, an all-purpose programming language. Hence people also refer to it as Angular.js and have a moniker that contains the letters JS.

Data connectivity and dependency injection in AngularJS development gets rid of the code one would have to perform otherwise. Because it all operates in the browser, it’s a great companion for any server software. If developers used HTML for programs, it would have been similar to the AngularJS framework. For stationary texts, HTML is an excellent programming model. There is no reason to study another syntax or language because AngularJS is purely based on HTML and JavaScript. The AngularJS framework converts static HTML into dynamic HTML. It enhances HTML’s functionality by providing built-in characteristics and components. The AngularJS tools allow users to construct custom attributes using basic JavaScript.

-Top Business Benefits of Using AngularJS Development

One of the biggest advantages of AngularJS is Google keeps on upgrading this framework regularly. Every new version of the AngularJS framework brings improvements and fixes all the bugs. For example, the recent version Angular 9 resolves issues of Angular 8. 

It is an improved version of all the previous versions as well as it comes with Ivy as the standard renderer. It facilitates Angular developers to ship less code as compared to other similar frameworks. 

Here are the key business benefits of AngularJS development services. 

TypeScript Advantage

The Angular framework is built with TypeScript, a programming language maintained by Microsoft. As a strongly-typed, base language for Angular, it enables developers to keep their code clean. Such a clean code results in a seamless and fine-performing app.  

TypeScript also facilitates developers to spot and eradicate bugs as they are being typed. When you hire AngularJS developers, they can build enterprise-grade apps with ease thanks to the capacity of JavaScript to manage and maintain a large codebase. 

TypeScript version 3.4 has characteristics like type inferring, reduced build time, and syntax changes. It also has refactoring services, autocompletion, and other features that contribute to enhancing AngularJS development services. 

Seamless Functionality

AngularJS offers out-of-the-box functionality. It provides tools for fetching the app’s data and offers a preconfigured environment for enhanced development and testing processes. This is one of the major reasons why developers prefer the AngularJS framework. 

The Angular framework does not require incorporating any third-party libraries for creating basic functionality for the web and app solution. Developers can easily accomplish this task using the framework’s official library. It ensures the security and quality of code. 

Altogether, you can get the enterprise-level solution while saving time and development costs. This is a major advantage of AngularJS when it comes to enterprise mobile app development. 

High Consistency

Inconsistency in coding can affect the app’s performance and increase time-to-market. It also increases the development cost for your enterprise app. Every entrepreneur wants to avoid the delay in TTM while keeping the development cost in control. Here, AngularJS development remains handy. 

Angular has consistent code that can make web and app development easier. Also, this framework enables developers to use templates and predefined snippets of code. As compared to React, the AngularJS framework is a more responsive web design framework. 

Angular CLI tools are useful for making specific repeatable blocks of code from the command line, it further enhances consistency. 

Better Maintainability

This is one of the biggest benefits of AngularJS-based solutions. The platform offers enhanced maintainability in two ways, by using TypeScript and testability. 

These days, all reputed mobile app development companies bank on TypeScript for finding bugs as developers type the code. Also, TypeScript language enables developers to get acquainted with the codebase quickly even if they are unfamiliar with it.

It is because developers can readily see the types of data moving through the application in TypeScript. 

Talking about testability, dependency injection in the AngularJS can play a crucial role in making test writing easier. This framework also offers support to Protractor for ensuring end-to-end testing of the applications. 

As a result, you can get a seamless app for your enterprise that is easy to maintain and modify. 

Increased Productivity

The Angular framework is capable of taking care of the utility, functionality, and components of the solution. It can save a lot of time and effort of developers in figuring out these aspects. Code consistency of this platform also increases productivity.

Developers can easily read the code during an ongoing app project. Also, the Angular framework organizes the code into modules that can improve the app’s functionality. 

AngularJS also facilitates web application development in a way that developers can easily dissect and segregate the labor while ensuring organized and consistent code. As a result, you can get the web application with improved productivity and properly built modules. 

Declarative UI

AngularJS developers can use HTML to define the UI (User Interface) of the customized mobile app. Now, HTML is considered one of the less declarative and intuitive programming languages. 

As a result, when you hire AngularJS developers, they need not invest unnecessary time in deciding program flows and what to load first. They can readily define their requirements and the framework can do it effectively. 

Easier Unit Testing

In this framework, all the components are independent of each other that makes the unit testing process easier. The framework supports the development of highly testable applications and websites for modern enterprises. 

The team of AngularJS developers at Google keeps the ease of testing in mind while upgrading this framework. Developers can test the app completely in a short time. As a result, you can expect flawless digital solutions for your enterprise without affecting TTM. 

Wrapping Up

AngularJS is a complete framework with elegant  MVC architecture. Extensive documentation, a thriving global community of developers, and regular improvements are some of its benefits. AngularJS development services enable modern enterprises to leverage the above-mentioned benefits. 


Written byAlex Martin
Updated On:17-Feb-2023

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